What works for you doesn’t for me.

All of us born are different in all aspects. It might be your looks, your character,your likes, your dislikes. Even siblings who are born and brought up in the same household grow to become different individuals with a different outlook towards life. But this is where many people fail to understand that they should not be comparing themselves to that other person living next to you or that colleague or even that relative. There has been a lot that has been said about this topic and yet some fail to understand as to ‘why is it working for him but not for me?’

Well we shall not go in the science of it but we can definitely find a way to know ourselves better. One simple way to know what works for you will be ‘Being in your skin’.

1. Find what you are driven towards again and again.

pexels-photo-757056 (1)

First and foremost is sitting in silence and knowing yourself more. Give yourself a few minutes with eyes closed and take slow deep breath through your nose. Then you put up a question to yourself as to what is it that you can spend your life doing. There might or might not be more than one thought that pops up in your mind. But the trick is to know what comes up first , almost instantly.

2. Every person is different.

After the conclusion of the first point you will realize how sometimes you are not doing what you like or what  makes you happy , instead you are following the big crowd out there. You feel that it is working for them so it will for me too. This is where the unhappiness quotient comes. This is where you drag everyday doing what works for others. The earlier you realize as to what works for you, the happier you will be.

3.  Stop following the herd.

It is happening on every stage of life, whether you  are a student, a professional or a parent. Look into yourself as to what will work for you. Some students find it hard to study late at night whereas others are night owls. Some Authors like to write down their ideas on paper, the old way. Others start writing straight on their computers. Follow what your heart says.

4. Achieve your goals.

Goal setting itself requires a lot of planning, but achieving it is a different ball game altogether. Thus when you are clear as to what works for you and what doesn’t, trust me life will be simpler when you chase your goals and your ultimate dreams. I had a friend who tried various means to reduce weight. She joined a gym , a yoga class, even got a special trainer at home. But nothing worked. She could not keep up with the time bound classes . She got lazy to reach her gym or her yoga class. I gave her a simple solution. She took my advise and started taking short walks. She took them in the evenings after work, when all of her days work was completed. She loved the peace of mind while walking solitary and thus she increased the duration of her walks. In no time she started seeing the change in her weight and her happiness had no bounds. Here you see a small example of going towards your goals with just knowing what works best.

Image result for Happiness

5. Get in line with your interest.

At any point of time you feel that the work you are doing is not in line with what you like, please go ahead and make changes either in the way you do your work or the work itself. It is no point in going on being dissatisfied with everything in your life – doing things because it worked very well for someone else. Some students study very well with light music in the background whereas some kids cannot take any kind of noise while doing their studies. So if these two kids share a room , it is very necessary to have a small chat and decide the timings for their separate study time. If this does not work then they can decide on some common solution on dividing the days of study.

Thus, always knowing yourself is the key tool to being more content, more satisfied and ultimately it helps us in being happy.

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