A walk in the graveyard

Life is all about being happy; being in the service for the betterment of the world in whatever small way you can contribute.  It is about enriching our lives everyday and living it with no regrets.

Thus we do not want to wait till we reach our graveyards and then regret ;

“OH!! I regret I did not give more time to my family”,

“I regret not taking better care of my body” or,

“I regret not going for that Himalayan Trek”,

and so on. Yes, many of us have regrets when we reach our graveyards and that is what drove me to write this post.

Today is the time to live;

Today you need to decide what is the life you want for yourself from now on, so that you relish every moment of your breath.

There might still be a few regrets, but believe me there will be very few comparatively.

1. Raise your vibration.

Being healthy not only in body,  but also in our minds is foremost when it comes to having a blessed, happy life. For that we need to love our body, pamper it , cherish it and be good to it. Eat healthy , do away with  junk food, spicy food.

Meditate to calm your body.  It can be walking meditation, Meditating with music or just concentrating on your breath. Meditation cleanses your body and mind and thus your vibrations rise. Be thankful for what god has given us and forgive as much as possible so that we do not have any mental toxins in us. We need to  keep our slate clean. This requires a commitment from us and is definitely possible for people who have made up their minds to achieve a life with positive vibrations.

2. Do something new

Take up something that you have not done before. Like for me , even going up on the stage to compere for a small party is something new, something which I have not done before. Thus when I did this recently in a party , it gave me a new high , it gave me immense happiness. I had gotten over my stage fear and done it, so definitely it was big for me.

The first time I went scuba diving – that experience left me spellbound. When I returned from the dive I had tears in my eyes due to the euphoria that I experienced. These feelings will stay with me forever.

You do whatever will make you happy, but let it be something new. It might be as little as having an indoor garden or going to a blind school to spend time with the children. The happiness quotient will multiply.

3. Be  a Giver and not a Taker

There is so much you can do for so many people.

These people are all around you. You need not have to go far, or a specific place to do good or help people.

It might be as little as listening to your friend who is upset about something and needs a ear to listen. Give her a few minutes from your busy schedule. A few minutes will help her in a big way.

Try to spend a few hours in a month with elderly people, who after a certain age start feeling lonely. They might be your own people , people in your vicinity or an old age home.

Go to an orphanage and do an activity with them, whatever you are good at. It maybe origami, painting, music or even writing or else spend some time just talking to them.

The act of giving will for sure make you feel that you are having a fulfilling life.

4.  Care for the environment

Mother Nature has given us so much , it is our responsibility to respond by taking good care of it. In any which way possible we should reduce our e-waste.

Recycle and reuse should be our policy in our everyday lives.

Have a minimal lifestyle, that is buy only if necessary not because it is new in the market.

Avoid food wastage, start with your home and your own parties. If ever there is extra food then make it a habit to reach out to the poor and feed them.

Share rides wherever possible with your friends , your colleagues, it is caring for the environment with less fuel usage.

Grow plants and help your kids get into the habit of gardening and taking care of the plants. There are many more things that you can do for this beautiful planet Earth which we can be proud of.

5.  Have a life perspective

If you want your life to go in a certain direction prepare for it now. Make changes if needed in it but make it now.

If you want to be an author and you have a full fledged job in some other field, write part time, join a creative writing course, start a blog and write in it until you get confidence. If you have to be trained, take time out of your schedule and join a class or an online course.

If you want to be a marathon runner you will have to start training  early mornings , slow and steady after a few months you will be able to run. But you will have to come out of your comfort zone and strive for it.

You will have to make changes today as if there is no tomorrow , no procrastinating any more. Later on you will have no regrets that you didn’t try. Visualize yourself in the role you want to be in after a few years and work towards it. Dreams do come true.

6. Take that trip

If you have traveling on your mind , whether it is with family or with friends or even solo , take that trip now.

There is so much of Beauty everywhere, make sure you engage in travelling. Make a list of place you want visit and get going. If your budget is low there are many blogs specifically for low budget trips which you go through.

Make that trekking trip a reality before it is too late. Though age should not be a barrier there are many difficult treks that you will find difficult after a certain age. So the Time Is Now.

Greet each new day with enthusiasm and look forward to, as to what new thing are you going to do today or, whom are you going to help today. Every day will be more fun and gay then the previous. If ever some bad days come , let it go by, with a smile .

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