Raise your vibrations

In today’s world of intense networking, we meet a lot many people everyday. It may be for business or for social reasons, and with the social scene that exists today we are bound to come across people who have a negative outlook in everything in their lives.

Some are compelled to live with such people under one shelter, and you have to see them, talk to them and eat with them everyday. Thus comes the need to safeguard yourself from negatives seeping into you.

That is when you need to raise your vibrations. We can successfully do this, but it requires patience and perseverance.


Meditation is proven to get rid of any negatives in your body and mind. There are so many ways to meditate. Take up whatever suits your personality.

Sit comfortably in solitude on a mat made of natural material, play some soothing music and concentrate on your breathing. Initially you will get all kinds of thoughts, do not hold them, let them flow away.

Do not get disheartened, if the thoughts do not stop coming after some time too. The number of thoughts will reduce and your body will become calmer. It will take a few days of regular practice to get into meditative state easily.

Connect with nature

Take long walks in nature, in forest or  a garden.

Go for  a trek on mountains or if you love water, go camping near a lake.

Be silent and be present, you will feel the good vibrations in your body. Automatically you will start feeling good and positive.

Listen to birds chirping in nature with your eyes closed and see the difference when you open your eyes. For me every time I go to a mountain, I come back to the urban life more energetic.

Walking barefoot on ground is an amazing way to feel good and positive. Feeling the earth beneath you definitely raises feel good factor.


Food is prime when you want to raise your vibrations. Eat home cooked meals with plenty of green veggies in your food. Avoid junk and spicy food as well as food which is oily. Cook with a happy mind and a lot of love. If you have a cook see to it that he does not cook when he is upset or annoyed. Sit quietly to eat the food you cook, chewing it properly, with love. Eat it with awareness everyday as it is the most important aspect of our life. Love your food and it will love you back.


Nowadays, it is so easy to go on a shopping spree, with online shopping and such gigantic malls. You have to know when to stop and think, “do I need this? ”

Then comes the part when you start feeling guilty for having spent so much and not actually using the stuff that you bought.

Thus adopt the habit of donating anything that you do not use for more than a year to people who need it. There will be more positive energy flowing around you if you have less clutter.

Incense and candles

Light up incense on your meditating altar or if you are religious then in front of your Diety, first thing after your bath. The fumes will cleanse the atmosphere and make it more positive. In fact, doing it regularly will definitely make you more calmer and relaxed, thus increasing your positive vibrations.

Use candles at times to light up your room instead of using electricity. You will see a change immediately in the way you feel.


Play music that you like whenever you feel drained of good energies. Music has the capacity to uplift your mood instantly. In fact everyone should have a playlist handy whenever one needs to feel good vibrations around.

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