Breathe, Dream and Go

So you breathe and you can dream …Then what’s stopping you. You just need to take off with your dreams and pursue them with dedication and determination. You will achieve what you want to be or where you want to be. There is no great rocket science as to how to get there. All you have to do is dream about it and just follow them with all that you have in you. Do not let go, even if it means to clinging to a fragile thread of hope. There will be trying times, there always are, but hold on and there will be a silver lining. So many great things have been achieved only because they were first day dreamt about.

IT WORKS!! It may take some time for a few people, for others, it might happen easily but, it works.

Now that said there are a few rules to it as it is for every other thing on earth.

  • Set your goals and break them in smaller goals. The chances of attaining them becomes a lot more and thus comes the confidence to reach them
  • Always be flexible to change your master plan a little if some things do not work out, as being rigid can actually take more time and energy than being a bit flexible.
  • Be around people who have their own goals in life and have set to achieve them. Avoid people who are ready to jump on you on every mistake that you make, ‘didn’t I tell you , do not do this’. These people will take away all your confidence and energy.
  • Remember, as long as you are breathing, all is good and fine. Thus take care of yourself always, and only you can do that for you, nobody else can.
  • The dreams have to be something that is achievable by us humans. They have to be something that can happen in a certain amount of time. Even if there are hurdles do not give up, the trick is to get up and get going again. In times of downfall, take one day at a time,’This too shall pass’ should be your motto.
  • Sometimes you have to take a back step to get ahead in life. This means do not let your ego come in your way of success.
  • Things will never be smooth throughout, keep that in mind right from the beginning and act accordingly.
  • Take help from your family and friends whenever you feel like it, it will only help you in the long run.
  • Anger management is very important, it might take you far from your dreams or else collapse all that you have achieved.
  • If for some reason you have to give up, just hold on to your dream till things become better. Never give it up totally, you will have your chance.
  • Always cherish every small goal that you have been able to achieve, even coming midway is an achievement. That is a sign that you are in track and then you can take stock of things that you need to change or not change, whatever.
  • Always learn from your mistakes and make it a thumb rule to try not to repeat them
  • Always have a concrete plan as to what you want and how have you planned to achieve it. A clear mind will reach you faster to your goals than a loser one. Having said that, it is completely OK to be lost at times, you will find your goals and your way.

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