Stay Curious, Stay Healthy

Have you ever seen a small kid playing, they can play with anything, it may be toys, someone’s clothes or even spoons !! They can spend hours just fooling around, exploring on their own, trying out new things to satisfy their curiosity and when tired, they go to sleep.

Being a mom, I always find it amusing to see them exploring anything and everything, and believe me, they go to sleep happy and satisfied. The only important task is to provide them with something all the time to keep them busy. It is the curious nature of the kids that keep them involved in something or the other and this is the very thing that helps them to stay happy and stay healthy. A kid gets cranky when they do not have challenges or puzzles to solve.

The same thing is true for adults!

You might have more responsibilities and a routine to follow everyday but being curious and exploring new things will add spark to your life. The major problem nowadays is, we fill up our days with mundane activities and at the end of the it, when you take stock about things that you did during your very busy day, you are not very happy.

There always comes a time when we get bored with the routine and nothing new to do. This is when you require something refreshing in your life to take you away from from boredom.

It might mean taking up a hobby that you gave up years ago, or getting involved in whatever you are passionate about, full time. It is so important to enjoy your work and your routine life everyday to stay healthy. There might be a few difficult patches in life, but they will pass easily if you have something new to look forward to do. Get up to wake up loving life everyday.

Thus get curious, learn something new, get answers to your ‘How To’ questions and get away from boredom and problems related to it.

Find your calling, find what gets you going, it may be learning a new language, stitching or even organic farming. Many people have got into travelling to explore their city, country or even other countries of the world. They travel far off places to know about the lifestyles, food, climate, clothes, even relationships of that place.

If you love cooking, learn how to blog, start your food blog and show the world your talent.

We are in an age where everyone has an opportunity to learn and do what they love. Take it full time or keep it as a hobby, depending on you, but take something according to your passion and have a curious and healthy life.

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