Success Is A Variable

When we speak about success, words like money, name, fame come to our minds. The well known IT giants, a popular singer or actor, an accomplished sportsman reflect their faces in our minds. Why have we connected success to only people who are famous, who are rich. Success is variable to different people, each having priorities as to where they want to find success. Thus do not judge people who have not achieved success in relation to money, fame or name, maybe they are the ones who believe these things to be too trivial and not to be fretted upon. They have bigger goals in life and want to leave a mark in this world by achieving them. That is success to them!!

I have come across a varied number of people for whom success means differently.

One of my friends left a high paying corporate job to take up her passion in painting. She would be having a high remuneration if she stuck to her job and also achieve a higher designation. People do ask her what made her leave the train to success and give it all up. Her response is simple, Happiness! For her, being a happy and free soul is more important than living a life in chains of time and boundaries. Going to work every morning at same time and to work at odd hours was just not what she wanted out of this one life that she had. Freedom from it all and living her life on own terms is success for her. She will never give all this up for money.

There are so many people working for social causes, it may be women empowerment, children education or old age homes. Instead of investing their precious time doing a run around the mill jobs, they thought of giving happiness to the abandoned people of society and took up the task of their betterment. Seeing a smile on their faces is a big success for the social workers. Thus success is way different for them.

Take the example of a mother who gives all her energy and time in taking care of her family without having any thoughts about what she will gain by it all. There are so many women around me who have sacrificed their careers for good or for a short period of time to see their kids grow every day not missing out on important milestones in their lives. The happiness in doing all of this is inestimable for a mother. It is her successful story which does not make news or is not counted by name, fame or money. But when she sees her hard work reap after years, that is her success story!

A man gave up a high flying finance job and became a monk to walk the path of spirituality. For him peace and god worship became the way of life that will take him to ultimate success, according to him, that is ‘MOKSH‘. He renounced all worldly possessions to adopt this lifestyle where money, good food and good clothes: anything materialistic has zero value. He embraced monk hood to salvage peace, bliss and contentment in his life.

So Success is a word which is not to be tagged along with money alone. It can be achieved in so many ways in different areas of life. You need to know your priorities and achieve success in that area.

Whatever is your idea of success you need to work hard for it. It never comes easy and I believe patience and perseverance go a long way in achieving it.

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