5 Things children teach us

These little wonders teach us all the lessons we need to learn in our lives. their innocent selves do not require our mature and adult outlook to achieve the small tasks of their lives. They just try and try for it , not giving up and also not doing too much analysis or evaluation of themselves and others. These are their core strengths and if we put these in practise we will achieve a lot more. Here is a small list which gives us an overview of 5 things the children teach us.


5 things children teach us

Children cannot get enough of playtime. They seem to play never ending whether it is outdoors or indoor games. They are so engrossed in their game that it is a tedious task for a mother to get them to eat food. I remember finishing studies in a jiffy and running down to play for hours till dinner time. Well they are also at their creative best and the reason is clear. They are active which sets the creative brain in motion and this is what we elders might learn from them. Be active players in whatever sport you like but give some time so that your work burden is relieved and you are ready for the next day with enough zeal.

We adults can make exercise a drag and some of us go gymming with no love for it at all. Take up a sport; something you have enjoyed as a kid and continue that till you find something more interesting. The point is to enjoy it to stick to it. Stay healthy.

5 Things to learn from kids


The children have a flexible mindset. They are easy to mould and thus easier to take the challenges faced by different situations. They will forget the fights they have with their friends and play happily with everyone the very next day. Forgive and forget comes so easily to them whereas we adults are still struggling to do it. They make plans and if one does not work out they are so open to change it and try another approach. Ever noted how kids are so focused to achieve what they want, they can try many different approaches to reach their goals and never get tired of it.

Thus being flexible is another positive attribute that we can take from children. If one way does not work try some other way instead of sticking to a rule and not achieving what you want.


5 things children teach us

The curious nature of kids always makes me wonder how much of information can their little minds process. But it is amazing that they can actually put the information to use whenever they want. They are like sponge, they just soak in all of it and they want more. They are too busy learning something new in their everyday lives thus making them busy and if some training is given to them in some specific talent they learn it super fast.

So, it is the mind slate which is clean and open to new things. They also keep forgetting things they don’t require or not interested anymore, thus making space for some more interesting things to learn. This is what adults can do: keep cleaning our mind slate clean of all things not required anymore in our lives so we can accommodate more useful things and not clutter our minds unnecessarily.


This is surely a quality not to be given up as we turn older. And if you have please try and observe the kids as to how how they tell us everything without inhibitions. It is only when they start growing they withhold things from elders. Kids tell us or show us openly their enthusiasm, their pain, their struggles, fears and anger. They can take the whole house over their heads if angry ,if in fear they will cuddle in their parents arms for comfort. Sometimes they just need to be pampered and spoiled with our love, then why is it that we stop asking for help when we grow up.

It is okay to want all of these things for adults. Thus communication to anyone is important ; it may be parents, friends, cousins, or your teacher. Communicate, communicate and we can find solutions to majorly everything.


5 things children teach us

Remember how we slept when we were kids; nothing in this world could wake us up in the night. Well what happens when we become adults that makes us lose sleep. Fear as to what is in store for us tomorrow!! This thought has taken away a lot of our life’s happiness and created stress to no end. Everybody is in the race of achieving great things in life , but at the stake of today. They are barely a few people who are enjoying the NOW: Present!!

Kids hardly care about tomorrow, they are busy enjoying their today. They have no big plans for tomorrow and this is what leads them to having a fruitful day everyday. This is the kind of life we should live. Have goals set, but also enjoy the journey to achieving Them : don’t wait to be happy only when you reach your goals. Be happy now!!

Kids emancipate a lot of happiness and sunshine to everybody around them , we can actually try and learn all over again to be kids just to have a life full of fun and laughter.

Happy kidding!!

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